How to Ice-Break Cold Prospects on LinkedIn Using Video

In this 1 hour video course, keynote speaker and remote selling rockstar Todd Hartley teaches you how to ice-break cold prospects on LinkedIn using video.
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About This Product:

You’ve always been a top sales performer, and know how to charm a prospect upon first handshake. Your pipeline has always been full of leads, and your schedule has always been full of demos or proposal calls.

But then, COVID-19 accelerated the evolution of buyer behavior and changed the way you have to play the sales game – forever. Suddenly, you had to start sliding into prospects DMs with messages you spent hours trying to get “just right”… only to get no responses at all. Buyers stopped wanting to talk to you altogether.

If you’ve been struggling to gain access to prospects and book meetings in our now remote-first world (or maybe even before COVID happened), you’ll benefit from learning how to target connections on LinkedIn and use personalized videos, GIFS and humor to get responses. Todd Hartley’s short course – How to Ice-Break Cold Prospects on LinkedIn Using Video – will teach you exactly what you need to know to transform your commissions and career, featuring approximately one hour of massive, actionable value bombs.

The information contained here does not represent all client’s typical experience. Results are dependent upon experience and will vary based on effort, education, business model, and market forces sometimes beyond our control. Please note that Todd Hartley and Hartley Interactive are not offering a business opportunity. Todd Hartley teaches skills and insight drawn from his experiences. There are no guarantees of earnings. Your results may vary.

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